UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Languages and Culture UG Handbook (Russian with East European Language)

Russian with an East European language

This structure covers those degrees for students taking Russian in conjunction with a SELCS (School of European Languages, Culture and Society) language (e.g. French and Russian, German and Russian, etc). 

  • You must register for exactly 120 credits per year of study;
  • You must have taken and passed 90 credits of Level 6 modules by the end of the final year;
  • You are not permitted to take more than 150 credits of Level 4 modules over the course of your programme;
  • The Year Abroad must be passed

    Please refer to the main module listings page to check if a module is running or not - https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ssees/undergraduate-module-listings


Year One

30 credits compulsory Russian language modules:

EITHER: (when Russian is ab initio): 

SERS0001: Comprehension of Russian (Year 1A) (15 credits) and
SERS0002: Use of Russian (Year 1A) (15 credits)

OR: (when Russian is post A Level or equivalent):
SERS0003: Comprehension of Russian (Year 1) (15 credits)
SERS0005: Use of Russian (Year 1) (15 credits)   

15 credits compulsory core Russian Culture module:        
SERS0008: Russian Short Fiction from Romanticism to Postmodernism (15 credits)

45 credits from core culture modules:    
SERS0010: The Making of Modern Russian Culture (15 credits)      
SERS0012: Representations of Russia  (15 credits)
SERS0014: Russian Cinema: History, Ideology, Society (15 credits)

30 credits in East European language

Either Level 1 (30 credits) or Level 2A (15 credits) plus Level 2B (15 credits) 

Year Two

30 credits compulsory Russian language modules:

EITHER (when you took Russian at ab initio Year 1A level in the previous year):
SERS0016: Comprehension of Russian (Year 2A) (15 credits)     
SERS0018: Use of Russian (Year 2A)  (15 credits)

OR: (when you took Russian at Year 1 level in the previous year):
SERS0020: Comprehension of Russian (Year 2) (15 credits)
SERS0022: Use of Russian (Year 2)  (15 credits)           

Between 45 and 60 credits from core Russian Culture modules:
from Year 2 Literature/Culture options, for example:
SERS0027 - Russian Cinema Men and Women
SERS0029 - Chekhov The Quest for Freedom
SERS0031 - The Person Love and Utopia in Russian Thought
SERS0033 - Identities in Nineteenth- Century Russian Literature [R] 
SERS0034 - The Petersburg 'Text' in Russian Literature and Culture: From Romanticism to Modernism

Between 0 and 15 credits from Interdepartmental modules:
Level 5 Interdepartmental module (codes beginning SEEE) - maximum of one

East European Language- 30 credits

Either Level 2A (15 credits) plus Level 2B (15 credits) 
Or Level 3A (15 credits) plus Level 3B (15 credits)

Year Abroad

Your third year is spent in Russia.  You will normally spend this year studying at a university, but alternatives, such as work placements, may be possible. Further details are contained in the Year Abroad Handbook.

Students on a SSEES placement in Semester 1 should select SEES0138 and SEES0139

Year Four

By the end of Year 4 you need to have taken a minimum of 90 credits in Level 6 modules over Years 2 and 4 together.

SSEES Language and culture modules - 60 credits

30 credits compulsory Russian language module:  

SERS0037: Comprehension of Russian (Year 4)  (15 credits)
SERS0039: Use of Russian (Year 4)  (15 credits)

60 credits from optional modules

EITHER: all 60 credits from Level 6 Russian Culture modules
OR: 45 credits from Level 6 Russian Culture modules and 15 credits from Level 5/6 modules with codes beginning SEEE

Optional modules may include a maximum of two modules from the list below:
SERS0037 Comprehension of Russian (Year 4)
SERS0106 - Reading and Discussion of Texts in Russian 
SERS0107 - Writing, Editing and Blogging in Russian 

East European Language- 30 credits

Either Level 3A (15 credits) plus Level 3B (15 credits)
Or  30-credit Freestanding Dissertation