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Trail 2: Community, Schools and Churches

Apart from the literary voices, today we can trace the presence of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin communities in London through their involvement in their communities’ Sunday schools, societies, churches (The Croatian Chaplaincy London, The Serbian Orthodox Church, London).

It must be added that some members of these communities include very accomplished and also very famous individuals such as actors and actresses (Zrinka Cvitešić from Croatia), fashion designers (Roksanda Ilinčić from Serbia), sportsmen (Asmir Begović from Bosnia, Niko Kranjčar from Croatia, Nemanja Vidic and Branislav Ivanović from Serbia) and many more.

BH Community UK

BH Community UK…

British-Croatian Society, London

British-Croatian Society, London…

Serbian Council of Great Britain

Serbian Council of Great Britain…