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Here you will encounter the most iconic Bulgarian landmarks in London. Have a look and become a little part of Bulgaria for a while! Hopefully, this experience will catch your interest and make you want to be an even greater part of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian dancers…

The Bulgarian community in the United Kingdom numbered some 3,000–4,000 (mostly in England by 1944–1989). In the 1990s and 2000s emigration to the United Kingdom became very active. Consequently, by 2000 the Bulgarian community was estimated over 10,000. In the beginning of 21st century over 30,000 Bulgarians live in London. Some of them were students, the others - workers.

The data from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria shows that the number of Bulgarians in the UK has come to 70,000–80,000. However, in 2009 The Office for National Statistics estimates that around 35,000 Bulgarian-born people were resident in the UK.

Bulgarians form Community in the UK at the last decade of 20 century. It was many years after the Bulgarian emigration raise in the UK. History shows that before World War II there were few Bulgarian students enrolled at the British universities. By that time the number of the Bulgarian political and economic emigrants was pretty little. The real circle of Bulgarian political emigrants was formed aroud1944–1945.