UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Kevin Matyszewski

Kevin Matyszewski is in his second year of his BA Finnish and French degree. He tells us why he chose to study at SSEES and shares his aspirations for the future.

UCL SSEES student, Kevin Matyszewski

Why did you choose to study at UCL SSEES?

UCL SSEES offers an enormous variety of languages and language combinations which is what attracted me as a student interested in the study of languages and linguistics. Some of the languages on offer are not very widely spoken which can make you stand out from other graduates.

What are you studying and what attracted you to this particular course?

At SSEES I study Finnish and I have also chosen a Russian language module this year. I also study French at SELCS. Knowledge of Finnish and other Nordic languages is greatly valued in the UK as well as in Eastern European countries like Poland, where I come from.

How is your course going? Any favourite modules so far?

I am really enjoying my course. I particularly like my language seminars as they are a great opportunity to practice different language skills with my teachers who are native speakers and experts in their respective languages of instruction.

How would you describe the academic staff at SSEES? What is the support like?

There is a very strong sense of community in SSEES and thanks to the very small size of my language seminars, I feel I can ask my teachers for any sort of help or support I need.

What are the facilities like at SSEES and the UCL campus generally?

The SSEES library and the common rooms are great places for study as they are very cosy and contain all the resources you need. The common rooms are a great place to socialise with other students.

What about the social life?

SSEES organises many social activities and events within the department as well as outside. These are a great way to take breaks from studying and meet other like-minded individuals from the department. I also take part in many language society events at UCL.

How would you describe your fellow students?

I can confidently say that since starting in October 2022, I have been able to make life-long friendships with amazing individuals. These people are both from my course as well as other SSEES courses!

Where do you hope your degree will take you after graduation?

I would like to pursue a master's in translation and focus on a career involving the use of languages. I am particularly interested in teaching, translation, and interpreting.

Any advice for those thinking about taking this course?

If you are starting a language from scratch, make sure you are reviewing newly learnt vocabulary every single day! I have found quizlet and its matching exercises extremely helpful. Personally, I like to do these just before the start of every language seminar.

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