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Julia Gulbinovic

Julija Gulbinovič holds a BA in Lithuanian Philology and Foreign (Croatian) Language from Vilnius University (2006), Lithuanian, and an MA in Human Geography from Queen Mary University of London (2008), and is most interested in ways geography and literature connect. Julija is a poet and a literary translator. Her poetry appeared in Lithuanian magazines Metai, Šiaurės Atėnai and Literatūra ir menas, also in The Gathering of the Tribes (New York) and Rusted Radishes (Beirut).

She has translated four books: Fox by Dubravka Ugrešić (postmodern novel; from Croatian into Lithuanian, 2021); Pyramids of Days by Daina Opolskaitė (short stories; from Lithuanian into Croatian, 2020); Migrations by Miloš Crnjanski (historical novel; from Serbian into Lithuanian, 2017) and Postmortem Trilogy by Mate Matišić (plays; from Croatian into Lithuanian, 20120, as well as three poetry booklets (Wolven Years by Indrė Valantinaitė (2019), Another Life by Aivaras Veiknys (2017) and Backboning by Gytis Norvilas (2015) from Lithuanian into Croatian (with Đino Đivanović, for Zagreb: Studentsko kulturno-umjetničko društvo Ivan Goran Kovačić).