UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Jiaying Wang

Jiaying Wang is studying an MA in Comparative Business Economics at SSEES. Here, we find out her future aspirations and why she chose to study at UCL SSEES.

SSEES student Jiaying Wang

Why did you choose to study at UCL SSEES?

I chose UCL SSEES because it's one of the UK's largest centres for studying Central and East Europe. As a leading institute in economics, it offers a rich experience in promoting economic and social development, aligning perfectly with my career path.

What are you studying and what attracted you to this particular course?

I'm pursuing Comparative Economics and Policy. Despite comparable racial composition and location conditions, these former communist nations underwent privatisation and economic reforms, yet exhibited significant variations in economic development. Understanding these differences motivates my academic exploration.

How is your course going? Any favourite modules so far?

My course is progressing well, and I find the "Inequality Dynamics in Modern Capitalism" module particularly fascinating. It provides valuable insights into contemporary economic structures and societal dynamics.

How does postgraduate study differ from undergraduate study?

Postgraduate study differs from undergraduate study in its emphasis on more detailed knowledge within a specific field. Classes are often smaller, fostering deeper discussions and a more specialised focus on advanced topics.

How would you describe the academic staff at SSEES? What is the support like?

The academic staff at SSEES is exceptionally kind and patient. The support is robust, with each student having a personal tutor who provides guidance and assistance throughout their academic journey.

What are the facilities like at SSEES and the UCL campus generally?

The UCL campus offers extensive facilities, including 17 libraries. SSEES has its own library, boasting leading collections in the UK for Central and Eastern European studies. Additionally, there are excellent online resources and computing facilities enhancing the overall academic experience.

What about the social life?

UCL's social life thrives through diverse clubs, societies, and valuable volunteer opportunities. Personally, I contribute as a live music and Food Cycle volunteer, and as a student ambassador, fostering a vibrant campus experience.

Do you have a mentor/role model who has inspired you?

Yes, Dr Erkin Sagiev has inspired me. I met him at the welcome party, and his encouragement to pursue knowledge in areas of interest has been instrumental in shaping my academic journey.

What are your future plans/aspirations?

Upon graduation, I aspire to become an economic policy adviser in the public sector, aiming to contribute to enhancing the Chinese economic system through informed and impactful policy decisions.

Any advice for those thinking about taking this course?

For those considering this course, it's perfect for anyone interested in East and Central Europe. While a deep knowledge of econometrics isn't necessary, having a basic understanding of STATA would be helpful.

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