UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Helsinki University, Finland

The University of Helsinki is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in the world, regularly ranked among the world’s leading universities. The university, the oldest in Finland – dating back to 1640 – provides instruction in about 300 subjects and study programmes, to over 35,000 students.

IMESS students at the University of Helsinki are accommodated by the Faculty of Social Sciences, one of the eleven faculties of the University. The Faculty educates experts who are well versed in various social phenomena in different cultures, and who bear responsibility for the promotion of human values both locally and globally. Teaching in the faculty is student-oriented and closely related to the research conducted at the faculty’s departments. Research-based teaching also means that the students are familiarised with and participate in the work of the research community. With a large body of international exchange and degree students and its teachers’ wide international networks the Faculty of Social Sciences is a genuinely international faculty.

Within the faculty IMESS students are hosted by the Master 's Programme in Society and Change’s disciplines Political History and Economic and Social History. Methodologically, these disciplines surpass the limits between historical research and social sciences and develop and offer means for understanding the present society and world. Such a combination of historical research and social sciences is unique in Finland.

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