UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Frantisek Klepac

An enthusiastic educator with two teaching and two coaching qualifications and a rich experience of delivering training and support. A people-oriented, dynamic professional with a keen interest in education, personal development and culture. The main interest of Frantisek’s professional focus in recent years has been working with patterns of learning and personal beliefs attached to development and progress. Frantisek inspires confidence and creativity in students which motivates them to remove barriers and work towards their own learning goals.

  • Master’s degree in Education, General Education specialised in Art and Creativity
  • ICF accredited Coach specialised in Neurolanguage and Communication Coaching
  • Certified in Embodiment Coaching, Embodiment Unlimited accredited by ICF
  • Certified TEFL teacher with experience of applied methodology of teaching a foreign language