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How does the Ukrainian oligarchy keep going as a political and economic institution?

30 November 2020, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm

Ukranian hryvnia

Join us for our Student Research Seminar Series with PhD candidate David Dalton.

This event is free.

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Ukranian oligarchy infographic
The oligarchy is habitually reproduced by its extractive political & economic practices, motivated and facilitated by wealth. The empirical chapters of my research focus therefore on recent developments and examples of each of these in turn. My presentation will focus on the findings and conclusion of my research so far in the following areas:
  • the changing wealth dynamics of the very rich in relation to Ukrainian society in 2006-17, and its political and economic implications;
  • the transformation of wealth into political power through the control of votes in the Ukrainian parliament, examining changes in voting patterns of formal and informal factions on laws associated with economic prosperity; and
  • the conversion of political influence back into wealth: continuity and adaptation in the operation of large-scale energy sector rent-extraction schemes in the context of the evolution of political institutions and of post-Maidan energy sector reforms.    

About the Speaker

David Dalton

PhD Candidate at UCL SSEES

David is in the fourth year of his PhD, which he is currently writing up, with the aim of submitting in spring 2021. Before returning to SSEES to study, he was the economist and editor for the western CIS (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova) and Poland at the EIU, a publisher.