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Bohdana Kurylo

Bohdana Kurylo

Recipient of the Victor and Rita Swoboda Memorial Scholarship and the Overseas Research Scholarship

Supervisors: Dr Felix Ciuta, Prof Jan Kubik

Email: bohdana.kurylo.17@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @BohdanaKurylo

Present status: PhD Candidate, Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Working title of thesis: The Power of the Powerless in the Context of Emergency: Security and Civil Society

Research: Intervening into the debates in Security Studies and International Relations, my project investigates the rise of civil society as a security actor in the conditions of emergency. The puzzle that it seeks to solve is how security analysts can understand the situations when civil society groups, despite lacking the strategic or political positioning enjoyed by state actors, actively contribute to shaping emergency contexts through their own security action. I draw on security theory, civil society research and hermeneutic contextualism to explore vernacular security meanings and the bottom-up processes of emergency construction. Engaging with post-communist contexts such as Poland and Ukraine, where civil society traditionally used to be seen as weak and shut out of policymaking, helps analyse how marginalised groups can use extraordinary moments as a window of opportunities for action.

Research interests: security theory; international political sociology; Ukraine; Poland; Russia; civil society; vernacular security; ontological security; populism.