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We actively seeks to help strong candidates at all levels to apply for funding. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Hide Kurebayashi directly. Below are some typical paths to join our team at different levels of academic career stages. 

Postdoctoral fellowships

There are regularly-opened competitive fellowship schemes. These include:

Also, UCL regularly offer postdoctoral fellowships for PhD graduates who are (or were) funded by EPSRC studentships. Hide Kurebayashi is happy to discuss any possibilities that bring you in London for exciting research.

PhD studentships

The following project is available as a fully-funded PhD studentship for UK nationals, starting on Oct 2021.

Quantum spin-Hall phase in van der Waals 2D systems for novel quantum computation

Please contact to Dr Kurebayashi for further details. This position will close as soon as a suitable candidate has been identified.

There are a number PhD studentships that we can apply for. Here is the summary of PhD studentships offered from UCL. The group will occasionally have PhD studentships funded by research grants. In addition to these, the following CDT programmes might act as a mechanism to join our team:

Other PhD scholarships, e.g. for overseas students funded by own country, might be available and Hide Kurebayashi is happy to discuss any possibilities.



Undergraduate Summer Projects

We are always looking for new students to join our research group. We offer hands-on experience in optical and microwave techniques, as well as sample design and fabrication.  Students with a background in physics, materials science, or electrical engineering would normally suit to our group but not exclusively. 

Term time

Within UCL, we offer 3rd and 4th year projects through the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Please see the departmental project listing for details.

Summer Research

All undergraduate students interested in a career in science or engineering are advised to do at least one Summer research experience. We offer one or two Summer internships per year through the generous support of the Ogden Trust and are happy to host enthusiastic students of all levels through other schemes or work placements. 

"My 6 weeks at LCN were fantastic! Interning with  Dr Hidekazu Kurebayashi has been incredibly rewarding and insightful" - Rejwan Salih, Ogden Summer Intern, 2016

"In the lab, I was exposed to post graduate level Physics, something that I was greatly honoured to experience because I knew within the first day how rare it is for a 17 year old to get an opportunity like this. ... This was an invaluable experience that if presented to me again would take up in a heartbeat." - Rajan Mahoon, A-level Work Experience Student, 2016

The Ogden Trust


The Ogden Trust