UCL Spintronics Group


A fully-funded PhD project is available via a UCL ESPRC DTP studentship. Please find its details here. The application deadline is 26th Jan 2023.


01/2023:  "Nonlinear Magnon Polaritons" published in Physical Review Letters  and appeared On the Cover.
08/2022:  Another successful summer school organised by Bridging the Future headed by our own Safe! Jack and Safe managed to run this while having their busy research lives. Well done to both and other contributors!
05/2022:  "Reconfigurable Training and Reservoir Computing via Spin-Wave Fingerprinting in an Artificial Spin-Vortex Ice" published in Nature Nanotechnology.
02/2022:  "Observation and control of collective spin-wave mode hybridisation in chevron arrays and square, staircase and brickwork artificial spin ices" published in Phys. Rev. Research. Well done Troy.
01/2022:  "Magnetism, symmetry and spin transport in van der Waals layered systems" published in Nature Review Physics.
10/2021:  "Tunable gigahertz dynamics of low-temperature skyrmion lattice in a chiral magnet" published in J. Phys. Condens. Matter. Well done Oscar!
10/2021:  New PhD students (Charlie, Zekun, Tianyi and Supanat) started in our group, be it joining physically present or remotely.
09/2021:  Aakanksha passed her PhD viva (4.5 hours long!) with minor corrections. Many conglaturations Aanaksha and all the very best to your next academic career!
09/2021: "Coupling of microwave photons to topological spin-textures in Cu2OSeO3" published in Phys. Rev. B (Letter).
07/2021: "Spin Transport at the Frontier of Layered Spin-Orbit Coupling and Magnetism" posted on arXiv.
07/2021:  Aakanksha was awarded a Royal Society/JSPS fellowship to work in Japan (Tohoku University). Many congratulations Aakanksha!
07/2021: "Charge Density Waves in Electron-Doped Molybdenum Disulfide" published in Nano Lett.
05/2021: "Reconfigurable magnonic mode-hybridisation and spectral control in a bicomponent artificial spin ice" published in Nature Comm.
02/2021: "Quantum engineering with hybrid magnonics systems and materials” published in IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering.
01/2021: "Growth, strain, and spin-orbit torques in epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sb films sputtered on GaAs" published in Phys. Rev. Mater.
01/2021: "Parity-controlled spin-wave excitations in synthetic antiferromagnets" published in Appl. Phys. Lett.
01/2021: "Spin-orbit coupling suppression and singlet-state blocking of spin-triplet Cooper pairs" published in Science Advances.
12/2020:  Our new PhD studentship funded by UCL-CDT/NPL on 2D topological spin transport will be available for a new PhD starter in 2021.
10/2020:  Our bid for a new, inert environment 2D material transfer system (in EPSRC) was successful and we will expand our research capability!
10/2020:  Troy passed his PhD viva - many conglaturations Troy!
09/2020:  "Tunable magnon-magnon coupling in synthetic antiferromagnets" published in Phys. Rev. B Rapid Communication.
08/2020:  Project student Matthew won the Jackson Lewis Scholarship within UCL Engineering Faculty for his exceptional achievements throughout his UCL time. 
07/2020:  Research highlight "Switching magnetism on and off - leading the way for a new class of nano electronic devices" in EEE website. 
07/2020:  Troy was awarded a JSPS fellowship for his postdoctral career to work in Kyushu University. Many congratulations Troy! 
06/2020:  "Controlling the magnetic anisotropy in Cr2Ge2Te6 by electrostatic gating" published in Nature Electronics. 
04/2020:  Safe passed his PhD viva - many conglaturations Safe!
01/2020:  Prof Chrstian Back joined our group as his sabatical.
11/2019:  "Spin dynamics study in layered van der Waals single-crystal Cr2Ge2Te6" published in Phys. Rev. B. 
09/2019:  Jack started his PhD on an LCN/ISIS studentship.
09/2019:  "Bolometric ferromagnetic resonance techniques for characterising spin-Hall effect at high temperatures" published in JMMM. 
08/2019:  New grant "Spin Physics in Two-Dimensional Layered Ferromagnets" selected for funding by EPSRC. 
08/2019:  "Tunable magnetization dynamics in artificial spin ice via shape anisotropy modification" published in Phys. Rev. B. 
07/2019:  Troy won the best presentation prize in the CDT Advanced Characterisation of Materials Summer Retreat workshop.
04/2019:  "Magnon-photon coupling in the noncollinear magnetic insulator Cu2OSeO3" published in Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Communication) and highlighted as Editors' suggestion.
04/2019:  "Abrikosov vortex nucleation and its detrimental effect on superconducting spin pumping in Pt/Nb/Ni80Fe20/Nb/Pt proximity structures" published in Phys. Rev. B.
01/2019:  A trio of Physical Review papers were published from our superconducting spintronics project: "Spin transport parameters of NbN thin films characterised by spin pumping experiments" Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 014406 (2019); "Effect of Meissner screening and trapped magnetic flux on magnetization dynamics in thick Nb/Ni80Fe20/Nb trilayers" Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 014061 (2019); "Exchange-field enhancement of superconducting spin pumping" Phys. Rev. B 99, 024507 (2019).
11/2018:  Safe was awarded the LCN Prize 2018 (PhD student category)! 
10/2018:  Oscar and Dimitrious started their PhDs.
05/2018: "Crystal structure and crystal growth of the polar ferrimagnet CaBaFe4O7"  published in Phys. Rev. Materials.
04/2018:  "Enhanced spin pumping into superconductors provides evidence for superconducting pure spin currents" published in Nature Mater.
12/2017: "Electric power transfer in spin-pumping experiments" published in Appl. Phys. Exp.
09/2017: "Spintronics: Anatomy of spin-orbit torques" published in Nature Nanotech. (News & Views)
09/2017: Aakanksha started her PhD.
03/2017: Konstantinos joined the group!
12/2016: New grant "Spin ice spintronics" from Leverhulme Trust. 
11/2016: "Spin-orbit torques: Going in the right direction" published in Nature Phys. (News & Views).
10/2016: We joined the EPSRC "superconducting spintronics" programme grant.