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With its wide-ranging expertise, covering almost all areas of historical scholarship, and proximity to institutions such as the British Library and the Institute of Historical Research, UCL History offers unique opportunities for graduate students. Our staff and student body are extremely cosmopolitan, the department attracting students from all over the world. Students take advantage of our vast academic expertise, the plethora of networking opportunities available and the chance to get involved in hosting events. We offer individual research supervision from world-leading historians and a commitment to individual attention for all students, with small-group teaching and dedicated one-to-one feedback sessions.

Studying History at UCL

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The UCL History Department offers an exciting variety of MA programmes to meet the diverse needs and interests of prospective students.  Some of our programmes are specialised, others general, some interdisciplinary, others pure history: see below for detailed information.  

All of our programmes involve a core course where students are introduced to the latest theories and methods in their field, as well as optional modules where students can explore in depth subjects of particular interest to them. The offerings of History Department staff are supplemented by modules in other UCL departments and other colleges within the University of London. 

All of our MA programmes also involve the writing of a MA dissertation, which is a substantial piece of independent research, under the personal supervision of a member of staff.  For this research students have at their disposal a unique wealth of source materials available in institutions – many of them just a short walk away – such as the British Library, the British Museum, the National Archive, the Wellcome Collection, and many others. 

The UCL History Department is a research powerhouse, but it is also a caring community in which every student receives individual attention and guidance.  Our MA programmes are tailored to serve a variety of needs, and after completing one of our programmes students go on to a wide variety of further pursuits, from doctoral research in history to careers in the private sector.  

MA programme videos

Postgraduate History at UCL

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Ancient History MA

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Transnational Studies MA 

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies MA

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MA History

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MA European History

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Chinese Health and Humanity MA

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