Why UCL History?

"The History department at UCL is one of the best in the world and also one of the most inclusive. Our lecturers are leading researchers in their fields. We shape the academic and public understanding of history through our books and articles, media work and social engagement. Together we bring this research and communication expertise into our teaching, so that you benefit from the latest in historical research.

But UCL's History department is not just an intellectually stimulating place to be. We are a friendly and supportive department, dedicated to helping our students make the most of the opportunities we offer."
Eleanor Robson, Head of Department 2019 - 2022

10 reasons to study here:

1. Small class sizes - no more than 15 students per seminar group (12 for MA classes), plus one-to-one tutorials

2. Innovative modules - inventive ways of studying new and old subjects, like our flagship 'Making History' module

3. A unique location - 5 minutes walk from some of the UK's most important resources for historians, including the British Library and British Museum

4. Leading historians - experience teaching by leading scholars in their fields, centred around cutting-edge research

5. Commitment to teaching - our staff all teach undergraduates and postgraduates, and frequently win awards for their teaching

6. An international feel - our staff and students come from more than 23 countries

7. Unmatched chronological range - from the Ancient Middle East to the present day, study the whole recorded history of human civilization

8. A strong record of graduate employment - read about our leavers' destinations

9. One-to-one support - you will receive not just a grade, but also feedback on how to improve

10. A diverse student body - work with talented students from all backgrounds

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