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UCL Anthropology was the first UK department to integrate biological and social anthropology with material culture into a broad-based conception of the discipline. Now one of the largest anthropology departments in the UK in both staff and research student numbers, we offer exceptional breadth of expertise. Alongside our strengths in these three core areas, we are committed to incorporating interdisciplinary and interdepartmental connections in our programmes. Students can take advantage of the anthropological community in London and the department's links with European universities and international institutions

Studying Anthropology at UCL

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MA and MSc programme videos

Anthropology, Environment and Development MSc

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Biosocial Medical Anthropology MSc 

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Creative and Collaborative Enterprise MA 

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Digital Anthropology MSc 

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Ethnographic and Documentary Film MA - Broadcast Documentary & Cinematic Documentary Studios

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Ethnographic and Documentary Film MA - Immersive Factual Storytelling (VR/AR) Studio

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Human Evolution and Behaviour MSc 

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Material and Visual Culture MA

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Medical Anthropology MSc 

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Politics, Violence and Crime MSc 

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Social and Cultural Anthropology MSc 

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Taster sessions

The UCL Ethnography Collections                                                                       

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Impacts of environmental and conservation policies on land use, livelihoods and wellbeing in Africa

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Social Learning in Hunter-Gatherers: Implications for Covid-19 Pandemic and Machine Learning

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Extreme citizen science in the Congo Basin

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Digital Dialogues: Haidy Geismar on Digital Anthropology

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If mindfulness is the answer, what is the question?

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Anthropology of Revolution

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/-iU4gjsvyv8


Cuban Cultures of Revolution

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/GkIoPs_WTdE


Living in Social Media

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Identifying and Addressing Health Inequalities in Urban Settings

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Urban diabetes demands new ways of looking at old problems

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Non-human personhood? Demanding legal rights for our next of kin

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