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Seven Questions with...UCL Social & Historical Sciences students

Hear from UCL Social & Historical Sciences students as they answer seven questions on studying with us.
Keir Chauhan

Seven Questions with...Keir Chauhan

Meet BA History student Keir Chauhan, who recently represented UCL through a research poster display at the Houses of Parliament. Here, he chats to us about visiting the House of Lords and his favourite London sites.

Nadia Dobrianska

Seven Questions with... Nadia Dobrianska

Meet UCL History PhD student and Ukrainian refugee Nadia Dobrianska, who recently addressed Irish Parliamentarians on how the war in Ukraine has upended the lives of Ukrainians. Here, she chats to us about her research and favourite libraries.

Ella Denton

Seven Questions with... Ella Denton

Meet student Ella Denton, who is currently studying History with Swedish. Here, she chats to us about working as a founding president of student charity movement Raise UCL, and her favorite spot in London for sustainable shopping.

Lola Hylander

Seven Questions with... Lola Hylander

Meet Institute of the Americas student Lola, who chats to us about accessing declassified security service files and shares her top spot for enjoying the best coffee in London (...and mint berry iced tea, for those rare warmer days!).

Phin Godfrey

Seven Questions with... Phin Godfrey

UCL Economics student Phin – who is currently working as an economist at the Department for Transport – chats to us about living in Hong Kong, his favorite bookstores, and getting involved in the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme at UCL.

Xuan Zihan

Seven Questions with... Xuan Zihan

Meet Xuan Zihan, a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics student at UCL Political Science and climate advocate with YOUNGO, the youth constituency of the United Nations. Here, he chats to us about working on a new climate policy document and his top recommendation for Japanese ramen in London.

Georgia Cavanagh

Seven questions with... Georgia Cavanagh

Meet Georgia, who is studying for an MSc in Environment, Politics and Society at UCL Geography while working as an intern at Sustainable UCL. Here, she chats to us about singing the theme tune for an Aardman Animations show and her favourite spot around campus for vegan nutella-flavoured croissants.

Rory Springbett

Seven Questions with... Rory Springbett

Meet UCL Political Science alumnus Rory Springbett. Rory, who splits his time between London and Cornwall, was recently awarded the Best Dissertation Prize for his paper on Aid for Trade, which he chats to us about here.

Laura Cuch

Seven Questions with... Laura Cuch

Meet UCL Geography PhD student Laura Cuch, who is a member of the Urban Photography Association and teaches photography at Goldsmiths, University of London. Here, Laura chats to us about using photography and film to explore the relationship between food and religion.

Aimee Connolly

Seven Questions with... Aimee Connolly

Aimee is a full-time postgraduate student undertaking a MSc in Public Policy at UCL Political Science. Here, she shares with us her first week’s experience of remote learning, how she avoids distractions at home and her top tips for preparing for online classes.

UCL ChangeMakers Decolonising the Curriculum team

Seven Questions with UCL ChangeMakers Decolonising the Curriculum team

Meet Lily Challenger-Rowe (right) and Sailee Khurjekar (left) – Members of the UCL ChangeMakers Decolonising the Curriculum team who are hyper-organised, uber-creative, and outspoken feminists.

Lily is in her second year of an MA in Gender, Society and Representation; Sailee is in her third year of a BA in Philosophy and History of Art.

Katie Briggs

Seven Questions with Katie Briggs

Katie is an MSc Conservation graduate who wants to pursue a career in the sustainability / environmental sector perhaps with a focus on the marine environment. She is currently doing an internship with the UCL Sustainablity Team.

Anton Gromoczki

Seven Questions with Anton Gromoczki

Anton is in the final year of his Bachelor's degree at UCL Political Science. One of the highlights of his time at UCL has been a Laidlaw Scholarship, which allowed him to get involved in research on Brexit and make a trip to Brussels where he got to speak with senior EU experts and policy-makers.

Nupur Sharma

Seven Questions with... Nupur Sharma

Meet Public Policy MSc student Nupur, who’s involved in Student Support & Wellbeing’s 'I Heart Consent' campaign. Nupur tells us about taking inspiration from the working women in her life and her experience at UCL since joining two months ago.