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Find out what it's like to live and study at UCL from UCL Social & Historical Sciences students.
UCL students in the Student Centre

Seven questions with...

Hear from UCL Social & Historical Sciences students as they share their experiences of studying at UCL and much more.

Young man wearing a black baseball cap and black jacket, looking back over his shoulder

Dear fresher me: Things I wish I had known

Starting out at university is never easy. There’s all the studying, cooking, making friends and trying to maintain a calm and cool appearance as you do so. Looking back, BSc Political Science and Philosophy alumnus Ignazio tells us things he wish he had known as a fresher.

UCL students on campus

How much UCL students spend in a week

Second year History student Nola helps to break down the costs of what you might expect to be spending on rent, eating out, travel and socialising.

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Manage your student budget during rising cost of living

Third year History student James provides some tips for managing your student budget at university.

UCL students at graduation

Alumni stories

Hear from UCL Social & Historical Sciences alumni about their journeys since graduation and the role UCL has played.

Large stripey UCL letters

5 reasons why I love UCL

Sophia, third year Geography student, tells us 5 things she loves about UCL and shares some experiences from her UCL journey so far.

Printed CV resting on top of an open laptop

Job hunting: boost your confidence and take care of your wellbeing

Read second year BA History student James's tips for organising your job hunt and looking after your wellbeing at the same time.

Sahava Baranow, one of UCL's Social and Wellbeing Volunteers

Cultural Connectedness in Times of Crisis

BA History and MA Museum studies alumna Sahava Baranow shares her digital culture recommendations.

Branches of a London Plane tree hanging in front of the British Museum.

You are never far from a museum in London

Hamizah, third year BA Archaeology and Anthropology student, shares her favourite London museums and galleries.

Feet poking out of white bed sheets

Five top tips for getting a good night's sleep

Sophia, third year UCL Geography student, shares her advice on how to get a good night's sleep.

Jeremy Bentham in his new home in the UCL Student Centre.

Jeremy Bentham: Long gone, but living on

Libby, final year BA History student, writes about the legacy of Jeremy Bentham.

UCL Quad, Portico and Wilkins Building

Can one iconic UCL building really say so much about who we are?

The UCL Wilkins Building is iconic, but how much do you really know about it? Anthropology PhD student Annamaria shares five facts about the building, its creation, and what it can tell us about the future.

Laugh neon sign

Society spotlight: Comedy Club

Libby, final year BA History student, shares her experience as part of the UCL Comedy Club.

Autumn leaves

My year abroad Thanksgiving experience

Sophia, final year UCL Geography student, reminisces about her Thanksgiving experience in Canada.

North America map

Study abroad: Canada

Sophia, BA Geography with Quantitative Methods with a Year Abroad student, shares five realities for a Brit living in Toronto

Map of Australia

Study abroad: Australia

Adwoa, third year BA Geography student, share her experience of study abroad at the University of Sydney.