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Our virtual curriculum below collates courses from across the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences that address topics covered within the Health, Mind and Society.

If you are interested in taking one of the below courses/modules or using it to help design a personalized course on Health, Mind and Society within your current programme allowances, please use the relevant contact below for further information and availability. You can also find further information via the UCL Module catalogue.

This list will be updated regularly.


MSc Medical AnthropologyPostgraduateAnthropology Masters
MSc Biosocial Medical AnthropologyPostgraduateAnthropology Masters
ANTH0097 Medical AnthropologyPostgraduateThis module is compulsory for students on MSc Medical Anthropology only.Dr Joseph Calabrese
ANTH0182 Medical AnthropologyUndergraduate and Postgraduate

UG: This module is compulsory for students on iBSc Medical Science with Medical Anthropology and also open to students on BSc Anthropology, BSc Anthropology with a Year Abroad, BSc Human Sciences and students with a Social Sciences background, including affiliates.

PG: This module is open to students on any Masters Anthropology programme (excluding MSc Medical Anthropology) and students with a Social Sciences background.

Dr Joseph Calabrese
ANTH0095 Psychological Anthropology and Cultural PsychologyPostgraduateThis module is open to students on MSc Medical Anthropology, MSc Biosocial Medical Anthropology, MSc Social Anthropology, MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development, MSc Human Evolution and Behaviour and MRes Anthropology only.Dr Joseph Calabrese
ANTH0045 Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment
UndergraduateN/AAnthropology UG Team
ANTH0100 Biosocial Anthropology, Health and EnvironmentPostgraduateThis module is open to students on any Masters programme at UCL.Dr Sahra Gibbon
ANTH0220 Nutrition, Health and CultureUndergraduate and Postgraduate

PG: This module is restricted to students undertaking programmes in the Department of Anthropology and the Division of Medicine.

UG: This module is restricted to final year BSc Anthropology and BSc Anthropology with Year Abroad and iBSc Anthropology students who have undertaken ANTH0182 and students undertaking programmes in the Division of Medicine.

Dr Sahra Gibbon
ANTH0047 Anthropology of Ethics and MoralityUndergraduateN/AAnthropology UG Team
ANTH0015 Being HumanUndergraduateThis module is compulsory for BSc Anthropology and BSc Anthropology with a Year Abroad second year students and is restricted to these programmes. This module cannot be taken by affiliate students.Dr Alexander Piel
ANTH0099 Reproduction, Sex and SexualityUndergraduateN/AAaron Parkhurst
ANTH0158 Biosocial Approaches to ChildrearingUndergraduateThis module is open to undergraduate students who have completed ANTH0008/ANTH0009/ANTH0010 Introduction to Biological Anthropology or equivalent for affiliate students. You will not be able to join the module if you do not meet this criteria.
Dr Emily Emmott
ANTH079  Aspects of Applied Medical Anthropology Undergraduate and Postgraduate Carrie Ryan
ANTH0098  Multisensory Experience: Understanding Sickness and Health Through the Senses Postgraduate Dalia Iskander
ANTH0144 Anthropology of Infectious Diseases Postgraduate Dalia Iskander
ANTH0195 Migration and Health Postgraduate David Napier
ANTH00016 Anthropology of the Body Postgraduate  


ARCL0121 Cultural MemoryPostgraduateThere is a strict limit on the numbers that can be accommodated on this module.Dr Beverley Butler
ARCL0149 Critical Perspectives on Cultural HeritagePostgraduateThis is a Core Module for the MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. There is a limit on numbers for this module.Dr Beverley Butler
ARCL0145 Archaeologies of Modern ConflictPostgraduateN/ADr Gabriel Moshenska
ARCL0050 Archaeology of Early South AsiaUndergraduateN/ADr Julia Shaw
ARCL0152 Archaeologies of AsiaPostgraduateN/ADr Yijie Zhuang
ARCL0210 The Archaeology of the Silk RoadsPostgraduateN/AMr Tim Williams


ECON0024 Economic Policy AnalysisUndergraduateSuitable for: Final year Economics students. This module is available to students who have already completed the three 2nd year core modules: ECON0013: Microeconomics, ECON0016: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy and ECON0019: Quantitative Economics and Econometrics. A thorough understanding of the material taught in the core modules will be assumed in the teaching of ECON0024. Final year Geog/Econ and Phil/Econ students *may* take this module if they are taking ECON0019 concurrently and are aware of the above. Richard Maskell
ECON0069 Health EconomicsPostgraduateStudents not enrolled on the MSc Economics programme must meet the pre-requisite of having the permission of the MSc Economics programme administrator before selecting this module.Economics


Special SubjectsUndergraduateFinal Year History students onlyHistory office

Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry

MA Gender, Society and RepresentationPostgraduateSELCS/CMII

Science and Technology Studies

HPSC0002 Disease in HistoryUndergraduateN/AScience and Technology Studies
HPSCXXXX Health, Difference and InequalityPostgraduateN/AScience and Technology Studies