Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences


Dr Aaron Graham

Academic position: Lecturer in Early Modern British Economic History

Department: History

Email: aaron.graham@ucl.ac.uk

Website: Aaron Graham


Aaron joined UCL in September 2021.  He received his DPhil from Oxford in 2012 and held several research and teaching posts, including a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship and Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship.  Aaron's work looks at the role of the state in economic and social activity in Britain and the British Empire, and he is currently finishing a book on society, slavery and security in Jamaica between 1770 and 1840 that looks at these themes.

Research Projects:

Aaron has published work on medical licensing and public health (such as quarantine and coroners) in Jamaica between 1800 and 1850 as part of his work on how states seek to regulate society and the economy, and is currently writing further works on state support of spas and other therapeutic sites.  Part of Aaron's research emphasises the social component to such practices, and how they encode cultural views of race.

‘The global politics of medical reform in Britain and Jamaica in the early nineteenth century’, Social History of Medicine 34 (2021) pp. 766-87

‘Politics, persuasion and public health in Jamaica, 1800-1850’, History: Special Issue ‘Medical Doctors and Persuasion’ 104 (2019) pp. 63-82