Speech and Language Therapy

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The understanding of speech and language pathology is central to the philosophy of this course. Students are introduced to disorders of communication and the contributing disciplines which allow them to study and understand clients with such disorders. From this, their studies lead towards an understanding of normal communication and its development. Professional and clinical studies, including clinical practical work, run concurrently with other relevant theoretical studies and afford students opportunities to examine hypotheses and theoretical notions in the light of their practical experience.

As mature entrants with at least one qualification, students have already had the opportunity to develop study and communication skills. Given their life experience and established study skills, students will be expected to synthesize and integrate knowledge and consequently to integrate theory and practice from the beginning of the course. Emphasis is placed on experiential teaching and learning methods.

The course is designed to enable students to take responsibility for their own learning. Students are encouraged and enabled to undertake individually directed study in specifically allocated private study time, and organise their clinical tutorial work with the support of a clinical tutor.

Students will be introduced at a theoretical level to a wide and comprehensive range of communication disorders. Through video, demonstration, and observation opportunities students will gain knowledge about a wide range of client groups and disorders. However, they will not be expected to come into contact with, or personally work with, the entire range of speech and language disordered clients during clinical placements. Emphasis will be placed on the development of transferable clinical skills which they will then be able to generalise and apply across any client group and context.

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