UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Cognition and Research Skills

We offer a range of cognitive programmes with emphasis on the investigative methodologies underlying them.


  • Behaviour Change MSc: this programme offers the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research and the principles behind successfully changing behaviour to address global problems.
  • Cognitive and Decision Sciences MSc: this one-year programme focusing on processes and representations responsible for thought, knowledge and decision making and emphasises behavioural, quantitative and computational approaches. For further information click here.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience MSc: this programme concentrates on mental processes in the human brain using state-of-the-art methodologies including neuroimaging techniques, patient studies and neurostimulation tools.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience MRes: this programme places a particular emphasis on self-guided research and offers the opportunity for students to plan their own programme of study, with a focus on mental processes in the healthy and diseased brain.
  • Social Cognition: Research and Applications MSc: this programme places emphasis on how individuals construe the social world and the processes that underlie social judgment and behaviour. For further information click here.