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Language Sciences and Linguistics

Our breadth of expertise in teaching and research across many sub-disciplines of the language sciences is world leading.


  • Linguistics MA: this conversion programme provides a thorough grounding in modern theoretical linguistics.

We offer two advanced MA programmes for students with previous training in linguistics who wish to deepen their knowledge in one of the sub-disciplines. These are primarily aimed at students planning to carry out doctoral studies and combine the advantages of a traditional taught MA programme with a strong research preparation component:

We also offer a number of non-clinical programmes for students interested in furthering their knowledge of the speech and language sciences with view to a career in research, education or related disciplines. The main non-clinical programme is MSc Language Sciences, which provides a thorough multi-disciplinary introduction to knowledge and current research in the inter-related aspects of human communication. This programme includes a number of strands which share a common core of modules and allow students to select a number of options in their chosen specialisation.

  • Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication) MSc: this specialisation combines two previous routes (Linguistics with Neuroscience and Neuroscience & Communication) and provides a multidisciplinary introduction to research in the language sciences with a focus on neuroscience and linguistics.
  • Language Sciences (Language Development) MSc: the combined specialisation in language development provides a thorough multidisciplinary introduction to modern knowledge and current research in the inter-related aspects of human spoken communication.
  • Language Sciences (Sign Language and Deaf Studies) MSc: the specialisation in sign language and deaf studies is unique among existing Master's degrees in providing a thorough multidisciplinary introduction to the psychology and linguistics and neuroscience of deafness and sign language.
  • Language Sciences (Speech Sciences) MSc: the specialisation in speech sciences takes advantage of expertise in the Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences research department to provide a thorough multidisciplinary introduction to current research in the speech sciences.

The following programme is for students who are seeking a multi-disciplinary programme with a greater freedom in the choice of modules and greater weighting given to the research project component, e.g., as preparation for a doctoral degree:

  • Speech, Language and Cognition MRes: this interdisciplinary MRes is aimed at applicants whose interest in language spans more than one discipline. Building on a first degree in linguistics, speech sciences, psychology, cognitive science, or a cognate discipline, students plan their own programme of study, selecting from a range of modules in several different UCL departments.

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