UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


Nominate your scientific inspiration for UCL Prize Lecture in Life and Medical Sciences 2024

10 October 2022

Carla Shatz (Professor of Biology and Neurobiology at Stanford University) gave an excellent lecture on 4 October 2022 and her visit to UCL was a great success.

Staff and students in Life and Medical Sciences are now invited to nominate, via the online form below, a speaker for the lecture to be given in autumn 2024.

We wish to encourage nominations that reflect the diversity of science. Although the nomination is for an individual, they are likely to represent a team. Please declare whether you have any relationship with your nominee. 

The criteria for selection are:

  1. they made a major and exciting discovery;
  2. they are an inspiring speaker;
  3. they have a powerful story to tell;
  4. their work has had demonstrable impact on our understanding of Life and/or Medical Sciences;
  5. they should be external to UCL.

Nominations will be considered by the selection committee in December 2022.  

should be emailed to prize-lecture@ucl.ac.uk by the deadline of:7 November 2022.

Don’t miss your opportunity to nominate your scientific inspiration.