UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


Bulletin editorial policy

The Bulletin is compiled and managed by the Editorial Board, which includes the Vice Provost (Health) and the SLMS Communications Manager. 

Story ideas are welcomed from across the School. 

Criteria for inclusion 

For content to be included in a newsletter it needs to: 

  • Be clearly relevant to the majority of staff from across the School
  • Be checked and approved with relevant colleagues
  • Be written in plain English (see guidance on UCL house style)
  • Ideally include images which enhance the story
  • Include relevant contextual links 

For an event to be included in a newsletter it needs to: 

  • Have a confirmed date and time, venue, title, synopsis (guideline 250 words), speaker (if appropriate and booking contact details) 
  • Be an event that is organised by a Faculty and/or includes Faculty speakers 
  • Relevant to a significant proportion of staff from across the School 

Editorial process 

  • Draft stories should be submitted to the SLMS Communications Manager
  • The SLMS Communications Manager will work with contributors collaboratively to arrive at a final version, but where necessary, s/he has the final decision on format and wording. 
  • Content can be submitted at any time, long in advance of publication, with the final deadline being midday on the Friday in the week before publication.