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Integrated Academic Training (IAT)Pathway

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This guide is aimed at

a) Those considering applying for an academic training post:

Are you an enthusiastic, able clinician-in-the-making? Would you like to contribute to an understanding of why, as well as how, we practice as we do? Would you like to learn academic skills, complementing those provided by your clinical training? Would you like to develop your career at the cutting edge of clinical research or laboratory science? Then a career in academic medicine may be for you. This guide provides information on UCL's clinical academic training programmes; from what is involved in academic training posts, to how to apply for one and how to prepare for the interviews.

b) Trainees on academic training pathways:

Academic training pathways provide exciting opportunities which complement those provided by standard clinical training. This guide will help you navigate through the administrative, research and clinical issues relating to academic training. It will help you organise and get the most out of your academic placements, enable you to make sure you are paid on time, and, perhaps most importantly, identify whom to contact when you need further guidance. This guide is primarily aimed at those individuals early in their academic training as, from our experience, this is when the most guidance is needed.

c) Trainers (College Tutors, Educational and Academic Supervisors):

Supervising a clinical academic trainee is a new experience for some trainers and supervisors. This guide provides relevant information for you, as a trainer, to help academic trainees benefit fully from their experience and ensure that both their clinical and academic training runs smoothly. We hope that you find this guide useful and informative. If you have any comments about things that should be included in future editions, or anything that needs to be reviewed or corrected, please let the Academic Careers Office know at aco-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk

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Surgeons operating in OR