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Involving patients and the public in research

ACCELERATE has collaborated with UCL Public Engagement, Patient and Public Research Panel Members from the NIHR Blood and Transplant Research Unit, and UCL researchers to develop resources to support you in engaging patients and the public in your translational research projects – check them out below.

INFOGRAPHIC: Why is stakeholder engagement important for translational research?

The below asks why it’s so important to consult and engage widely to inform decisions for health and care services. Simply put, it shares the benefits that arise when those who will be affected by the research - healthcare workers, care givers, and patients or potential patients who use health and social care services – and ensures that they are involved in its creation. Motivations for engagement can be many and varied. The following list is not comprehensive but has been developed with the support of those who have been there - patient and public members, researchers, and public engagement professionals.

Follow the link to view the infographic: https://bit.ly/2QV8fSr

For the story behind how and why this resource was created, check out this blog post.

VIDEO: Engaging patients, public & healthcare professionals in translational research
Watch the below interview with UCL researchers on how engaging with patients, the public, and healthcare professionals has impacted their translational research projects. 
WRITTEN INTERVIEW: Involving patients in laboratory based research

We spoke to Nick Hamilton, NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, about his experience with involving patients in his laboratory based research. View the interview linked below.


Support at UCL

Explore the below opportunities for engaging and involving patients and the public in your research: