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ADAPT to Thrive

ADAPT to Thrive is an event series for early and mid-career researchers where their peers and senior researchers share their experiences on how they failed and lived to tell the story.

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Taking risks and failing is an integral part of building a research career. By sharing the experiences of researcher at different career stages the ADAPT Thrive will:

  • Normalise speaking out about failure and reduce stigma.
  • Help build a more resilient academic community by facilitating conversations and allowing early and mid-career researchers to find support networks.
  • Shift the perception of risk and encourage early and mid-career researchers to take new approaches to their careers and pursue unconventional ideas.

Find out about their stories on the ADAPT to Thrive website - www.adapttothrive.co.uk

If you have any questions or would like to take part as a speaker, please email Alex Teale, Programme Manager at the ACO - a.teale@ucl.ac.uk

Upcoming events

Please check back for future events.