UCL Scholarships and funding


Veterans Benefits and private loans

There are other sources of funding for US students beyond the Direct Loan system

US Veterans Benefits: Post-9/11 GI Bill

US veterans/or their dependants can use funding to contribute towards tuition fees and living expenses for degree-level study at UCL. For full information about the Post-9/11 GI Bill please click here.

Please note

Unless your program is already on the approved list of programs listed here, we will need to apply for program approval from the VA office.  However, course approval requests may take some time to be processed and without program approval, you will not be able to use your benefits at UCL.  

Students on a course which is offered as 'distance learning', for example, where your enrolment status is 'non-resident', or where your study mode is 'Distance Learning' / 'MIxed Mode' will not be eligible to receive federal loans or US Veterans benefits. 

If you wish to apply for the Post-9/11 GI Bill funding for degree-level study at UCL, please send a copy of your benefits entitlement letter to the Student Funding Office by email us-cdn-loans@ucl.ac.uk. We will then check to see if your UCL programme is approved for benefits, and if not, we will make an application for approval if appropriate.

Private Student Loans

For 2024-25 students who have made an application - you may not hear from us before July 2024. 

These are student loans provided by private, non-federal, lenders. There are many US private lenders but very few will lend to students studying outside the US. You can check if your state has a non-federal student loan agency that can lend to students abroad. 

The University does not recommend any specific private lender, however listed below are the ones we are aware of:

The GEMS Smart Option Loan by Sallie Mae 

Earnest Student Loans

You may also wish to look into organisations who negotiate student loan deals with specific lending partners, for example, Juno (formerly LeverEdge).

Please note UCL has no affiliation with and receives no financial incentives from any of the lenders/organisations listed above.  

The lending terms for federal loans may be preferable to private loans. See the Dept of Education website for a guide.

Our role in the private loan process is to confirm your Cost of Attendance and certify your enrolment.

Please note

Private student loans are still limited to your Cost of Attendance similar to Direct Loans (see our costs page for an idea of how much we are prepared to certify). You are allowed to hold both types of loans but the total cannot exceed your Cost of Attendance