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Week 2: Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing

7 February 2022

Week 2 of SFFWB is here!

Blackbullion week 2: theme Build

The Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing is well underway! Join us for this week’s SFFWB theme, Build, which will focus on why you should want to build your wealth, budgeting, handling your debts and creating an emergency fund.

Sign up to this week’s webinar here to take your learning further around these topics SFFWB will continue for the full month of February, and here’s how else you can take part:
● Live, free financial education webinars [insert dates]. Sign up to all of the SFFWB webinars here.
A downloadable digital guide with all the tips and tricks for each of the SFFWB themes.
Log into Blackbullion to complete lessons, unlock your festival badge and enter the prize draw.

Throughout SFFWB22 there are amazing prizes to be won, including four ‘emergency pots’ worth £200 each and one-on-one sessions with financial planning experts.