Safety Services


What is riskNET?

RiskNET is an IT system that is available via the Safety Services web pages to help Departments manage their safety responsibilities, it: provides tools that make managing safety simpler and less bureaucratic; and gives better and more effective feedback about how Departments are performing.

To access the riskNET safety management tools you will need your UCL user ID and password to use the following link:

riskNET tools log-in

riskNET Problem?

Some Users are encountering problems when using riskNET. To help us to resolve these please provide the following information:

  • a screenshot of any error message or the point at where the problem occurred
  • what you were doing when the problem occurred
  • information about any changes that have been made to your computer e.g. recently migrated to windows 10

e-mail: risknet.help@ucl.ac.uk

If you experience difficulty accessing riskNET please e-mail: risknet.help@ucl.ac.uk

RiskNET consists of a number of specific tools as follows:

Incident / Accident Reporting (Staff, Students, Visitors & Contractors)
Incident Management (Incident Co-ordinators)
Risk Assessment (Staff & Students)
Workstation Assessment (DSE Assessors)
Genetic Modification (GM) Risk Assessment (Staff & Students)
Responsible Persons Register (Staff & Students)
Audits and Inspections (Staff & Students)
Management Reports
Radiation Substances
Hazardous Substances
Document Library
Programme Scheduler (Currently Unavailable)
Permits to Work (Currently Unavailable)
Permit Organisations (Currently Unavailable)