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riskNET: Workstation (DSE) assessment

Guidance for people completing a self-assessment of their workstation and managers who need to review their team's assessment.

A workstation assessment should be done when a new user starts work, when a substantial change is made to an existing workstation (or the way it is used) or if somebody is experiencing discomfort or pain. Assessments should be repeated at least every five years. 

Managers are responsible for ensuring that DSE assessments are carried out, monitored and reviewed, for their team members.

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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment
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Before you start

  1. Do not use the back/forward buttons on your internet browser – use the breadcrumbs that appear on the top left-hand side of the screen to navigate through the system.
  2. Use Google Chrome as your browser and close down the browser when you have finished entering data (this logs you out of the system). 
  3. Do not have multiple browser sessions open at the same time. You can only have one session at a time.

How to access, complete and submit a workstation (DSE) assessment

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How to access, review and sign off a workstation (DSE) assessment

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Last updated: Thursday, December 1, 2022

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