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Chapter 10 - Accident and incident management

This page forms part of UCL’s Safety Management System. This is Chapter 10 - Accident and incident management.

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Accident/incident reporting and investigation

All accidents, including near misses, that occur during the course of UCL work must be reported promptly and investigated to determine lessons learned. The reporting and investigation procedure is mandatory and provides essential information to:

  • Ensure action is taken to prevent a recurrence
  • Meet statutory requirements
  • Help monitor and improve health and safety performance
  • Provide information for responding to claims made against UCL
  • Enable UCL to respond quickly and accurately to external enquiries
  • The reporting of incidents is the responsibility of the individual or individual’s line manager and must be done through the riskNET online reporting system

The arrangements for incident reporting and investigation are published on the UCL website.  

> Read about reporting an Accident or Incident

All incidents must be reported on the online system “riskNET”.

Under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR, 1995) the University has a statutory obligation to report certain types of incidents and accidents to the Health and Safety Executive.

This includes fatalities, certain types of major injury, injury which results in an individual not being able to work for more than 7 days, certain diseases and certain events, which although may have not resulted in any injury, have the potential to do significant harm.

All RIDDOR reports to HSE are made by UCL Safety Services except for Occupational Diseases which is the responsibility of Workplace Health. The HSE may investigate any incident/accident which is reported to them.

> Report an incident 

Accident/incident close out

All initial incident notifications reported in riskNET should be signed off within 5 working days of the notification date. During this process, the degree of risk is assessed in order to guide departments on the level of investigation that might be required. This is monitored at the Health and Safety Committee.

Senior management review

Significant incidents are reviewed by a team of senior managers including the Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Safety Services following completion of a final investigation report.

The aim is to examine the adequacy of the investigation process, the report and recommendations and to ensure that where necessary the lessons learned are applied across UCL.


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