Safety Services


Fire Safety Sub-Committee: membership

The membership of the Fire Safety Sub-Committee.

Ex-Officio members

Director, Campus Infrastructure and Operations - Mr Adrien Cooper (Chair).
UCL Fire Safety Manager - Mr Simon Cooke (Secretary).

Appointed members

Director of Estates Development - covered by Neil Turvey, Interim Director Capital Projects.
Director, Sustainability - Mr Richard Jackson.
Director, Campus Experience and Commercial Services - Mr Daniel Deed.
(Interim) Executive Director of Safety Services - Dr Patrick Ward.
Director of Operations, Institute of Education - Mr Simon Buller.
Director of Operations, Faculty of Population Health Sciences - Ms Tansy Jones.
Faculty Estates Manager/Area Facilities Manager - Ms Naomi Newton-Fisher.
Head of Faculty Estate and Infrastructure, Faculty of Engineering Sciences - Mr Scott Landers.
Head of Department, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering - Prof Jose Torero Cullen.
One Trade Union safety representative - Dr Alun Coker.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2023