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Gases - flammable

This guidance is intended to increase awareness of the risks and the precautions to be taken when flammable gases such as Acetylene, Hydrogen and Methane.

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UCL Mandatory requirements when working with flammable gases

  1. Heads of Department must appoint a person to be responsible for the management of flammable gases
  2. The person appointed must be recorded in the department's Responsible Persons Register as Appointed Person (Flammable Gases)
  3. The Appointed Person (Flammable Gases) must be competent to be able to carry out the responsibilities of the role.
  4. The Appointed Person (Flammable Gases) must maintain an inventory of flammable gases used or stored in their area of responsibility 
  5. And Issue a 'Flammable Gas Safe to Connect' certificate for each delivery of flammable gas

Flammable Gas Safe to Connect Certificate

This will be issued to confirm that:

  • a risk assessment has been conducted and is available at the point of use;
  • the people working with the flammable gas are competent to use flammable gas and there is a record of the information, instruction and training they have received;
  • the location where the gas is to be used is suitable;
  • cylinders of flammable gas are located separately from sources of ignition. If this is not possible then a suitable enclosure must be used.

Download Flammable Gas Safe to Connect Certificate

NB BOC will not deliver flammable gases unless a current (i.e. dated within 5 days of the delivery) 'Safe to Connect Flammable Gas' certificate is displayed.

Flashback arrestors

Flashback arrestors must be fitted to cylinders delivering flammable gases. Flashback arrestors should be:

  • regularly inspected to confirm they are free from damage and contamination;
  • tested and inspected annually by a competent person to ensure they are functioning correctly. BOC carry out the annual test and inspection on behalf of departments;
  • replaced every 5 years.

Managers responsible for the work with flammable gases should ensure that flashback arrestors are inspected, tested and replaced at the intervals specified.

Last updated: Wednesday, July 15, 2020