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Radiation Safety Sub-Committee: membership

The membership of the Radiation Safety Sub-Committee

Chair - Dr Kerstin Sander.

Head of Radiation Safety & Radiation Protection Adviser - Miss Fiona O’Farrell.

Radiation Protection Officer & Safety Adviser - Ms Noreen Farooqui.

Radiation Protection Officer & Laser Protection Officer - Ms Gwen Mott.

UCLH Radiation Protection Adviser - Ms Julie Robinson.

Head of Soft Services - Mr Paul Monk.

Representative from Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust - Mr Daniel McCool.

Radiation Protection Supervisor - Mrs Sonia Buckingham.

        Attending in her absence: Mr Duncan Kennedy.

Radiation Protection Supervisor - Dr Carla Milagre Curado.

       Attending in her absence: Mr Stuart Law.

Observer - Miss Hayley Boakes.

Secretary - Mr Jonathan Blackman.


Last updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2023