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Fire Safety Sub-Committee: terms of reference

Information regarding the Fire Safety Sub-Committee's responsibilities.

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Duties and responsibilities

  1. Make recommendations to the Work Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) for final consultation and decisions. This will include items relevant to legal requirement, statutory compliance as well as UCL policy and procedures regarding the topics covered by the sub-committee. This will be done via submission of a paper and addition to the WHSC agenda.
  2. Advise the WHSC when the topic of the sub-committee is or could be considered a significant hazard in a matter discussed at the WHSC. This will be done by:
    1. The Chair of the sub-committee being an established member of WHSC.
    2. The Chair of the sub-committee being on the mailing list for the WHSC agenda and reports submitted for discussion.
    3. The Chair of the sub-committee ensuring that they or their deputy attends the WHSC meetings in their absence.
    4. Ensure any actions for the sub-committee given or as a result of WHSC are included within the agenda and action planning of the sub-committee and take ownership is taken for relevant responses.
  3. Agree with WHSC once a year the scope of the topics covered by the sub-committee including the requirement to establish or continue any work groups.
  4. Ensure that the sub-committee is run in accordance with the policy and procedures of sub-committees at UCL. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Reviewing the terms of reference once a year and documenting the discussion and action required.
    2. Following the terms of reference.
    3. Provide quarterly and annual reports to the WHSC.
    4. Complete with specific details part B of the terms of reference which will include but is not limited to:
      1. Setting the number of meetings per year.
      2. Setting the number of members and number required for a quorum.
      3. Setting, if required, any additional training or competence requirements for members including the Chair.
      4. Setting key performance measuresTo advise Council, through the WHSC, on all matters relating to fire safety at UCL.
  5. To propose, develop and monitor implementation of UCL fire safety standard at UCL.
  6. To report specifically to the WHSC on any matters deemed significant by the committee by the submission of specific papers and through the submission of regular routine reports.
  7. To receive updates on legislation and regulations relating to fire safety and to monitor UCL’s compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and regulations.
  8. To review fire safety risk assessments.


These terms of reference shall be reviewed at least annually.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2023