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Fire Safety Sub-Committee: monitoring and performance

How the Fire Safety Sub-Committee provides management oversight through monitoring of key performance indicators.

Management oversight

The Fire Safety Sub-Committee is a proactive management committee, and it will provide management oversight through the monitoring of the key performance indicators. These will be used to ensure that all the matters included in the scope of the committee are meeting the necessary compliance requirements. The Committee will also use them to indicate where improvements can be made regarding safety in Infrastructure. 

The committee will comply with the following arrangements: 

  • The committee will meet quarterly (4 times a year), with meetings chaired by a senior Director. 
  • The meeting shall be quorate when five members are present, which must include the chair or deputy chair.
  • A standard agenda will be followed at each meeting, incorporating the follow items as a minimum: 
  • Review a summary of ‘high-risk’ issues and actions taken. 
  • Review of audits, inspections and summaries of non-compliances/actions. 
  • Review of any relevant accidents, incidents or near misses. 
  • Review training data. 
  • Agree any matters to escalate to the WHSC, including approval of a quarterly report to that committee. 
  • An agenda and papers will be circulated at least five working days before each meeting and draft minutes will be circulated no later than 5 days after each meeting.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2023