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Using gas cylinders safely within universities training

This eLearning training is designed for people who use or supervise others who use gas cylinders and associated equipment at UCL.

Course description

This eLearning course provides everyone at UCL who uses and handles cylinder gases information on the safe use, handling and storage of gas cylinders and associated equipment, including an optional module covering the operation of fixed gas supply manifold systems. This eLearning course is provided by UCL's partner, Gas Safety Training.

Managers, supervisors and Principal Investigators who supervise gas users can practice connecting regulators safely and must undertake the instructor-led Connecting Regulators and Safe Cylinder set-up training course.

Accessing the training

Once you enrol on this course via MyLearning, you will receive email instructions on how to access the eLearning provided by Gas Safety Training. Emails are issued on the Wednesday following your enrolment but if you need to complete this training urgently, please email safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk and we will endeavour to issue the email earlier.

Once accessed this training must be completed within one month; if not completed within one month your unique Gas Cylinder training code will expire and you will no longer be able to access the training.

A full course synopsis is available at Gas Safety Training.


This course consists of several modules which guide you through safe working practices and at the end of this eLearning you will be able to:

  • Correctly identify gas cylinders.
  • Understand how cylinders operate.
  • Be aware of the hazards of asphyxia.
  • Recognise the hazards posed by oxygen enrichment.
  • Identify flammability hazards.
  • Select the correct gas control equipment.
  • Identify the key stages in using cylinders safely.
  • Recognise the hazards associated with handling cylinders.
  • Re-assess current storage facilities in line with safe working practices.
  • Become proactive in assessing risk when using gas cylinders.
  • Introduce safe working practices into the working environment.

Target audience

All staff and postgraduate students who either use or supervise others who use gas cylinders and associated equipment.


Training courses are free to UCL staff however your Department will be charged £50 if you fail to attend when booked on a course.  Non-attendance at first aid courses will incur a higher non-attendance fee.

Late applications

If you have not received your confirmation notification from the MyHR Mailer please email safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk.

External delegates

Places to external delegates are only offered if there is spare capacity on an instructor-led course.

Please email safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk to be placed on a waiting list stating the course title and date you wish to join. 

To book

Training courses are accessible using UCL MyLearning. 

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 16, 2022