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Liquid Nitrogen in the workplace

This eLearning training is designed for people who use Liquid Nitrogen in a wide variety of applications.

Course description

This eLearning course provides information about safe working practices when handling, storing and decanting Liquid Nitrogen. If you wish to practice decanting Liquid Nitrogen safely you must undertake the instructor-led Safe Decanting of Liquid Nitrogen training once you have completed this training.


This course will take you through the following:

  • What is liquid nitrogen
  • How liquid nitrogen is safely managed and handled
  • The types of hazards and risks associated with liquid nitrogen
  • Cryogenic vessels and how they are managed, stored and decanted
  • Safe and appropriate storage of samples

The course has a final assessment which you have three attempts to pass.

Target audience

All staff and postgraduate students who either use or supervise others who work with liquid nitrogen.


Training courses are free to UCL staff.

Last updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2022