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Chapter 3.8 - Workplace Health responsibilities

This page forms part of UCL's Safety Management System. This is Chapter 3.8 - Workplace Health responsibilities.

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Workplace Health

Workplace Health, UCL’s occupational health and wellbeing service is part of UCL Human Resources and is staffed by specialist Practitioners in Occupational Health and Occupational Health Nurses who provide competent and objective advice to UCL professionally regulated students, staff and managers on the impact of work and study on health and on the effects of health on work and study in order to assist UCL in promoting physical and psychological wellbeing and prevent illness and injury arising from UCL activities.

Workplace Health provides the following services to UCL:


  • Advice to staff, students and managers at all levels to enable them to reduce the risk of adverse health effects related to work and study and to assist UCL in meeting its legal duties
  • Statutory ‘Health Surveillance’ where risk assessments have identified residual risks and where appropriate health surveillance measures are available
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of health and safety controls through health surveillance
  • Reports to Heads of Department through designated departmental contacts to assist with legal compliance under the COSHH Regulations
  • Immunisation and advice to protect staff and students against work-related infectious disease
  • Development and co-ordination of UCL’s staff wellbeing strategy ‘Wellbeing at UCL’ aimed at improving the experience of work and study at UCL 


  • Preventative programmes to protect staff and students against workplace hazards e.g. infectious disease, musculoskeletal disorders and psychosocial hazards
  • Objective advice on individual cases to staff, students and managers to enable them to manage health at work effectively


  • Support and assistance programmes to provide students, employees and managers with access to urgent intervention for work-related infectious disease, emotional crises and to provide early intervention for relevant work-related health problems

Director of Workplace Health

The Director of Workplace Health is responsible for the development, management, review and provision of objective occupational health and wellbeing advice and services that enable UCL to meet its statutory requirements and its strategic, human resource and health and safety objectives.

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