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Chapter 12 - Reporting of performance

This page forms part of UCL’s Safety Management System. This is Chapter 12 - Reporting of performance.

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UCL safety performance reports

The Director of Safety Services is responsible for the monitoring of UCL-wide issues on behalf of the Health and Safety Committee. Safety Services collects measurement information that is pertinent to UCL as a whole including accident figures, fire statistics, progress against plans and achievement of UCL wide actions.

Safety Services is responsible for the management and development of the necessary tools for the collection of the relevant UCL-wide health and safety data.

Annual report to Council

The Director of Safety Services, on behalf of the Health and Safety Committee, is responsible for providing health and safety performance information for the annual report to Council.

UCL safety performance report

The Director of Safety Services is responsible for the preparation of weekly and monthly safety performance reports which are submitted to the University Management Committee. A quarterly safety performance report is submitted by the Director of Safety Services to the Health and Safety Committee.

Departmental safety performance reports

Departments are responsible for the collection and consideration of information on the safety performance and the arrangements should be documented in the Departmental Organisation and Arrangements. Where a Department has a safety committee this information will form part of their considerations.

The Head of Department, through the established reporting mechanisms in place, must seek assurance that there is evidence to demonstrate that the department’s activities are being undertaken safely and that key safety responsibilities, objectives and plans are being met. Specific reports, as well as a query function capability, are held within riskNET.


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