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Chapter 11 - Audit

This page forms part of UCL’s Safety Management System. This is Chapter 11 - Audit.

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Internal audits 

Safety audits are carried out principally by UCL Safety Services. Additional independent audits can also be undertaken by UCL’s auditors, KPMG. The safety audit programme is risk based and is the means by which the certification to the Levels in Target 100 are awarded for the departmental safety management systems. Topic based audits e.g. legislation specific such as CDM are selected for audit based on the following criteria:

  • Where a high level of risk is associated with an area, project, process or system which may be safety-critical
  • To follow up on previous control recommendations
  • It is recognised as a significant area for which no review has been recently conducted
  • The area is undergoing significant change
  • Where a possible control weakness has been identified, for example, following a serious accident investigation
  • A request from Health and Safety Committee or executive management
  • Specific interest by an enforcement agency

The overall plan is subject to amendment in light of continuing discussions within UCL to highlight priorities for gaining assurance and the changing risk profile of UCL.

All Departments are required to afford proper co-operation.

Recommendations resulting from the audit exercise are referred to the relevant department and actions agreed.

A review of the implementation of recommended remedial action is carried out by Safety Services as part of its assurance activities.

External audits

Independent audits are also undertaken by UCL’s auditors, KPMG.


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