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Announcing the launch of the New Laser Safety SharePoint Site

22 February 2024

The Laser Safety SharePoint site is your one-stop shop for all things laser safety, especially if you work with Class 3 lasers and above.

UCL Portico

What's inside

  • Your essential guide: Follow our comprehensive 10-step Guide to Laser Safety, a user-friendly roadmap to safe laser operation. The essential steps cover everything from ordering a new laser, planning your work, risk assessment and emergency procedures.
  • Laser library: Utilise our extensive library of downloadable forms and templates to ensure proper documentation and control of lasers, all conveniently organised for quick access.
  • Always Up-to-Date: The site will be regularly updated with the latest safety procedures. 

Bookmark the Laser Safety SharePoint site to stay informed about updates and additions. 

Where can I get further information

UCL Artificial Optical Radiation (AOR) Safety Standard


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