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UCL Health and Safety Objectives 2013/2014

The health and safety objectives for UCL for the 2013/2014 academic year have been approved by the Health and Safety Committee (HSC).

Heads of Department are required to determine what actions they are to take in order to meet these and their own objectives.

Objective 1

To further improve UCL's safety management systems by the introduction of the use of specific tools for risk assessment and inspection to agreed UCL standards:

Objective 2

To improve the arrangements for the effective health and safety management of contractors engaged in all works covered by the Construction, Design and Management Regulations by the development and implementation of a UCL standard with appropriate mandate.

Objective 3

To continue the work to develop and implement a cohesive UCL strategy for allergen exposure control arising from the HSE Improvement Notices of the 7th November 2012.

Objective 4

To address the actions identified in response to the KPMG Health and Safety audit report dated June 2013.

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