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UCL Health and Safety Objectives 2011/2012

The health and safety objectives for UCL for the 2011/2012 academic year have been approved by the Health and Safety Committee (HSC).

Heads of Department are required, as part of their review of the Departmental Statement of Safety Policy, to determine what actions they are to take in order to meet these and their own objectives.

Objective 1

Existing specific nominated responsibilities eg First Aiders, Fire Evacuation Marshals, Departmental Safety Officers etc to be recorded in the on-line SafetyNET system within 3 months of its availability.

Objective 2

Departments to have plans in place to resolve any gaps identified in the provision of nominated persons and to ensure all are formally appointed and trained by September 2012

Objective 3

Departments to have received (or to have planned and diarised) a senior management awareness training session, as approved by the HSC, by September 2012, to meet the agreed criteria that all departments will be covered within a 2 year cyclical programme.

Objective 4

Departments to have reviewed their Business Continuity Plans to meet the UCL Standard with the assistance of Safety Services in line with the programme approved by the HSC. 

Objective 5

All departments to have appointed, trained Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessors by April 2012 and to be using the on-line DSE self assessment tool as part of their procedures for managing risk from DSE by September 2012.

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