Safety Services


UCL Health and Safety Objectives 2010/2011

The health and safety objectives for UCL for the 2010/2011 academic year have been approved by the Health and Safety Management Team (HSMT).

Heads of Department are required, as part of their review of the Departmental Statement of Safety Policy, to determine what actions they are to take in order to meet these and their own objectives.

Objective 1

To implement, in line with the development programme, the on-line tools for incident reporting and investigation, risk assessment, monitoring and reporting

Objective 2

To review the UCL systems for the control of the key hazard areas of chemical, biological and ionising radiation in shared facilities

Objective 3

To design and implement a programme of risk assessment training and senior management awareness training

Objective 4

To have in place Departmental business continuity and emergency plans and a revised UCL Major Incident Plan

Objective 5

To review the mechanisms for the management of health and safety during programmes of major change

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