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Internships - Undergraduate Degrees

All students on the BSc Global Humanitarian Studies degree are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship to enable students to develop work experience, and allow future professionals to develop humanitarian work skills.
Employee and employer discussing over computer

Information for Students

The process of finding an internship is the perfect opportunity to prepare you for the world of work. There are a variety of resources and support available so that you can plan for your internship.  

Student looking at his computer intently

Information for Employers

We are looking for employers of all types who are willing to provide high quality summer internships to undergraduates on the BSc Global Humanitarian Studies. 

Why do an internship? 

It is hoped that by doing an internship there will be outcomes that benefit both the student and the employer. 

What our Students can bring to Employers

  • Fill a skills gap or a staff shortage on a short-term basis. 
  • Access to industry specialisms and current humanitarian knowledge.
  • Allow staff within your organisation to gain managerial experience.
  • See how potential graduates operate in your workplace.
  • Boost the image of your organisation by investing in future humanitarian leaders.

What Employers can bring to our Students 

  • Provide them with sector understanding in a highly competitive market.
  • Support students by building their confidence within a work environment. 
  • Work with the students to develop their communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills. 
  • Develop their skills in innovation, enterprise and ensure that they are more commercially aware. 
  • Provide industry links, contacts and mentoring opportunities. 
  • Enable students to understand the different roles, structures and opportunities for progression within humanitarian organisations.