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Sabah Boufkhed

Sabah Boufkhed_Honorary

Dr Sabah Boufkhed (PhD, MSc, MA, BSc)

Honorary Research Fellow in the Centre for Gender and Disaster 
Email: sabah.boufkhed@kcl.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Sabah Boufkhed

Twitter: @SabahBoufkhed


Sabah Boufkhed is a Research Associate in Global Health at the Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London. She is working on the Palliative Care aspects of the Research For Health In Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (R4HC-MENA) project, including understanding the palliative care needs for adult and children palliative care in the region. She has also led research aiming at evaluating the preparedness of palliative care services to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa, MENA, India and the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to this work, she conducted research on migrant workers' health and exploitation, global health, and preparedness and response to public health emergencies.

Sabah earned an ESRC-funded PhD in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and Master’s degrees in Public Health-Epidemiology and Humanitarian Action and Law. She co-founded organisations aiming to empower and support women and ‘minorities’ in science and academia, is a Trustee for an NGO in Global Health and Development, and is a migration expert for an international think-tank.