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Reference Guides on Gender and Disaster Series

This series is an ongoing project of the Centre for Gender and Disaster to compile the existing literature on gender and disaster and to share it with other disciplines and sectors. The first volume of this series provides some of the essential readings to support an introduction to readers who may be new to this area of study. It also includes some of the latest thought pieces and recent case studies to further the understanding of the gender and intersectional dimensions of disaster risk reduction which might be of interest to scholars already familiar with the literature. The second Volume delves more into the nexus gender–disaster–conflicts, including references on gender-based violence, health and well-being, climate chage, livelihoods, rights. The next Volume will focus on sourcing and sharing more studies in different languages other than English to diversify sources of knowledge. If you have suggestions please, contact us! 

Where we could, we populated the list with references that could also be useful to an audience of practitioners, to support the transition from theory and conceptualisations to implementation of gender-responsive practice with examples from different contexts. In parallel to these reference guides, we continuously update the library of the Gender and Disaster Network to make scholarship on Gender and Disasters more widely known and accessible. 

Reference Guide Gender and Disaster Vol 1 2nd ED
Report cover Reference Guide Gender and Disaster


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