UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Arctic Risks

This programme aims to develop our understanding of sea ice mechanics and engineering problems in the context of environmental and societal risks in the Arctic.


12 November 2013

Ben Lishman was appointed IRDR Research Fellow in Arctic Risks in 2012. We signed a collaboration agreement with the NTNU, Norway, to support an IRDR Impact PhD Studentship and another with Total (France) for an Impact Studentship to work on arctic navigation. In April 2013 we hosted an international cross-disciplinary IRDR Arctic Risk Forum, addressing Arctic engineering risks and their implications, engaging with academics, engineers and professionals from the City. In May 2013 we hosted an International Rubble Ice Workshop for SAMCoT.

Current research students working on the NTNU and Total funded projects are Sally Scourfield and Mark Shortt.